World’s Thinnest Woman Receives Fan Mail to Be Like Her

Valeria Levitin, originally hailing from Russia and currently calling Monaco home, unveils a disconcerting pattern: she’s been receiving fan mail from young girls expressing a desire to replicate her extremely slender figure.

In an interview with The Sun, the 39-year-old opens up, saying: “I’ve been getting emails from young girls who wish for me to guide them on how to become like me. The letters predominantly come from women in their twenties who perceive me as a source of inspiration”.

In a bold move, she addresses her own condition, actively advocating against anorexia. Valeria Levitin firmly takes a stand, rejecting any inclination to provide guidance on a path she characterizes as steering young girls towards self-destructive behaviors.

Having wrestled with an eating disorder since her teenage years, Valeria is now choosing to openly confront the significant repercussions the illness has cast upon her life.

In her pursuit to illuminate her path, she hopes to dissuade others from falling prey to a comparable destiny. Valeria Levitin underscores that anorexia has left her grappling with feelings of isolation, unattractiveness, and a perceived repulsiveness to those in her vicinity.

The roots of her conviction can be traced back to her mother’s concerns about the possibility of Valeria developing obesity, mirroring other family members. This concern manifested in dietary restrictions imposed even during her early childhood.

Motivated by an unwavering pursuit of flawlessness, Valeria’s mother consistently kept a close eye on her daughter’s weight to prevent any increase.

When she was 16 and weighed 10st, Valeria moved to Chicago with her parents, hoping to seamlessly integrate into a new school setting. Convinced that shedding pounds would guarantee acceptance and popularity, she embarked on a journey to achieve that ideal.

In her determined effort to blend in, she heightened her dietary limitations, removing sugar and carbohydrates from her meals.

Paradoxically, due to an extended period of abstaining from specific foods, Valeria’s body has developed an intolerance to them, making their digestion a challenging task. A hurtful comment about her physique from a classmate served as a catalyst, intensifying Valeria’s resolve to shed more weight.

Recalling a poignant incident, she shared: “While playing football, a man remarked: ‘I know how we can win. We need to put Valeria’s substantial figure in the goal’. It shattered my entire world”.

When Valeria turned 23, her dress size plummeted significantly, shrinking from a healthy size 12 to a petite size 6.

The imperative to steer clear of various foods lingers due to their unfavorable impact on her body. Her avoidance of bread has endured for so long that the taste is now a distant memory.

Her affliction has draped a veil of solitude over her existence. Having been unattached for a decade, the world’s thinnest woman encounters challenges in relationships, finding it difficult to engage in typical couple activities such as dining out.