Woman risks touching mangy cat to show him he’s loved

This cat unfortunately suffers from sarcoptic mange. His name is Valentino and he is almost untouchable for fear of infection.

He can barely see through his eyes, and his fur is all dirty. In addition to animals, humans can also suffer from this disease, so Valentino was always isolated from everyone.

Elaine Seamans decided to ignore everything and cuddle this cat close to her. She couldn’t walk past him without hugging him.

Elaine soon spoke with her friend, Toby Wisneski from Leave No Paws Behind and made an appointment with the vet. Valentino is now undergoing treatment, and Toby had only the best words to say about him.

As he says, Valentino could neither walk nor look. But God is with him because he is a real fighter. All the people around him love him and wish him the best. His condition is only getting better.

You can find more information on the Facebook page of this vet clinic.

h/t: The Dodo