Woman was looking for puppy to adopt, finds her dog who disappeared 2 years ago

A woman from Schuylkill, Pennsylvania, experienced a very special reunion with her long-lost best friend. Her heart was hurt and she decided to adopt another dog, and then she accidentally met her never regretted one.

In 2019, Aisha Nieves had a major accident when her beloved friend Kovu escaped after a vehicle crashed into her old house. The two of them were really real friends and it was very difficult for them to separate them. She searched for him for days and weeks, hoping to see him again one day. Everything was unsuccessful.

She said they went everywhere together. They were inseparable best friends. Whenever Aisha comes home he comes up to her and kisses her. This time it wasn’t like that, then she realized he wasn’t there. She searched all of Allentown to find him, but she was unlucky.

After some time, she learned that her best friend had been injured and was therefore brought at the Lehigh County Humane Society where he was adopted by one family. Aisha was helpless then.

Two years passed, and then something very significant happened to Nieves. Aisha wanted to adopt a dog, and when she went to see dogs ready for adoption, she saw her old friend, Kovu. She was overjoyed and determined to be together again.

Nieves told WFMZ that she managed to notice that he had a scar on his right eye in that published picture.

The Humane Society immediately received a call from this woman who told them what it was all about. Little time still separated them until they met again. Aisha said she was nervous because she didn’t know if he still remembered her.

Yet when she stood before him, he immediately ran up to her, hugged and kissed her. It was an incredibly emotional moment that they will probably remember for a long time.

Here you can watch the emotional encounter of Aisha and Kovu.