Watch this brave man risking his life to save a drowning 400lb black bear

The size of these creatures is amazing. It is not uncommon for them to reach 6 feet, while their weight can range from 400 to 600 pounds. Definitely meeting these animals is not something people want to experience. However, this brave biologist proved in Florida how much he loves animals and the wildlife they come from. He saved the life of this huge bear.

These bears can often be seen in North America, but of course it is difficult to stay calm when so many animals are found nearby. When people saw him at Alligator Point in Florida they immediately called for help.

Soon the people in charge of the wild animals arrived. They wanted to calm the bear down so that he could return to the forest, but then something bad happened.

When they tried to calm him down with a calming arrow, the bears panicked and headed for the ocean. By entering the water he risked his life since he was on sedatives. But there was Adam Warwick who left nothing to chance. He is a biologist from Wildlife Commission. He is credited with rescuing this bear.

It’s hard to even imagine the situation that happened, this man swam 75 feet taking with him a bear that weighed 400 pounds. A gesture of praise. It was very difficult, but Adam succeeded and that is why he is a real hero.

Of course, a lot of bad things could have happened, but in the end it all ended well. The bear was completely unharmed, and his rescuer had only a few scratches.

Thanks to this great man, the bear has returned to its home, which is the Osceola National Forest.