9-year-old Chihuahua saved from puppy mill can’t believe he finally has his own bed

After many years spent in a puppy mill, this adorable dog is finally in his own bed.

Freddie was in a wire kennel for 9 years, and then the people from National Mill Dog Rescue decided to change that.

This little dog’s life is changing for the better. In addition to rescuing him, they also gave him his first dog bed.

The consequences of this dog’s hard life are visible, because now it has no teeth.

Regardless of what he has been through, this adorable puppy is still full of life.

He is very sweet and is always ready to be cuddled.

Before they let him try his new crib, the rescuers gave him a lot of kisses.

Freddie was certainly not used to this kind of comfort.

When the video of him on his new bed was published on the Internet, many wanted to adopt this dog.

We are happy to know that Freddie will soon be in his loving and caring home.