Dog hungry for attention wags tail at every passerby, hoping they’ll set him free

Animals require a lot of attention, care and love.

However, some people do not understand this, so the poor animals suffer when they are adopted.

Pip is a dog who has experienced such a thing. He was adopted by a family that apparently neglected him.

After they adopted him, they immediately placed him in a cage in the yard, and Pip was full of life.

He always wanted to socialize and have friends.

When someone approached his cage, he was very happy and started wagging his tail. Its owners did not react to it.

Fortunately, PETA field workers found out about this case.

They managed to save Pip from a difficult life and give him the chance to finally enjoy himself.

Just a few days after he was rescued, a family became interested in him.

Now Pip is very happy and lives his life the way he wants.