Adorable baby flamingo tries so hard to be adult, becomes internet sensation instead

It can be said that flamingos are very fascinating birds.

As irresistible as they are, they are very silly until they grow up. Proof of that is this little flamingo that is no older than 4 days.

Facebook/National Aviary

This little flamingos was filmed trying to be an adult. Although it doesn’t do well, it is very likable.

When people on the Internet saw these scenes, they were delighted.

Facebook/National Aviary

The adorable bird lives in Pittsburgh, the National Aviary to be exact and has become a favorite of many people.

What fascinated everyone was the attempt of the little flamingo to stand on one leg. Normally only older birds succeed in this.

Although this little bird’s attempts were not the best, it won hearts around the world.

Facebook/National Aviary

All credit for these scenes goes to the National Aviary.

These are really adorable scenes.

Facebook/National Aviary

Robin Weber of the National Aviary said that everyone has those awkward moments in life, including these beautiful birds. He made that statement for Bored Panda.

Source: Majestic Animals