Touched by the reunion of a newborn deer with its mother after being saved from a sewage net

It is difficult to remain indifferent to the scene of the rescue of this little deer.

No animal deserved to be unhappy. This is why people are very happy when they see that they are saved.

This unfortunate little deer got stuck in a sewer grate. However, there are big-hearted people who did not allow the deer to continue to suffer. They saved him.

When the pictures were posted on the North Olmsted Police Department’s Facebook page, people were ecstatic. Everyone is very happy that the animal was finally saved.

The owner of Sittoo’s restaurant was the first to spot the unfortunate deer. He then called the police, and they rescued him.

All this time, the mother deer waited on the sidelines and hoped for the best.

After the rescue was successfully completed, the mother deer was very happy and grateful.

Kudos to these wonderful people for rescuing this unfortunate animal.

Thanks to good people, the little deer and her mother are together again.