Dog comes running to greet newborn foal, but foal is lying motionless on ground

People from the Maxey Appaloosa Foundation had the opportunity to see the unusual scene of the first meeting.

It’s about the foal Ghost that Aengus, their farm dog, came to meet.

This beautiful dog has a big heart. He is always ready to approach any animal there and keep it company.

He also did this when he found out that Ghost’s mom was about to give birth.

When Ghost came into the world, Aengus immediately wanted to see him. However, they did not allow him to do that, because the little foal was very weak.

When he finally got a chance to reach him, Aengus was shocked by the sight. The foal was just lying on the floor, and Aengus didn’t like that.

Then the staff tried to explain to him that this was normal and that the little foal would soon stand up.

People from the shelter are really fascinated by the sight.

When the dog with Ghost’s mom came to see Ghost, he went over to kiss the foal.

Surely these people are happy to have this dog with a big heart in their environment.

Source: I Love My Dog So Much