Bear caught relaxing “just like a human” on a couch someone threw away

This is not the first time we see an animal behaving humanly. However, this is a really unusual sight.

Mandy Stantic took an interesting photo at a garbage dump in northern Manitoba. The photo shows a bear sitting casually on the couch.

It is not the first time that a bear has been found in that place, but it is unusual for it to be sitting on the couch. Maybe he was looking for food and got tired.

As Mandy said, the bear was sitting just like a human, legs crossed. At that time, other bears were looking for food.

Most interesting of all is that there is a TV in front of the sitting bear. The scene is really interesting because it looks like a bear is watching TV in a garbage dump, that’s what Mandy says.

These photos are truly amazing.

Something you don’t see every day.