Cat becomes friends with a chipmunk, won’t stop cuddling

Resisting the allure of fluff can be quite a challenge, and one clever chipmunk was well aware of it. This audacious little critter stumbled upon a fluffy kitten soaking up the sun in the backyard of a Reddit user known as _GoldGuy_. With fearless determination, it decided to approach the feline, taking a leap of faith.

Remarkably, the laid-back cat offered no resistance, choosing not to engage in any form of combat.

The delightful series of photographs captured during this irresistibly adorable encounter prompted _GoldGuy_ to aptly title it: “My Cat Strikes Up a Friendship with a Chipmunk.”

Initially, the chipmunk seemed understandably apprehensive. However, the cat, displaying remarkable composure, sprawled out to convey its non-threatening intentions. This gesture seemed to reassure the tiny rodent, encouraging it to inch closer.

Before long, it became evident that the chipmunk also desired companionship. It gingerly climbed onto the cat’s back, and both animals reveled in the softness of their newfound friendship, creating a heartwarming tableau of cuddly camaraderie.

Source: HeavenOf