Woman shares photos of amazingly large and majestic Maine Coon cat

Meet a Swedish woman whose feline companion is nearly her size!

Maine Coon cats, believed to be descendants of the enigmatic Norwegian forest cats, hold the distinction of being the largest domesticated cat breed worldwide.

These majestic felines can tip the scales at up to 25 pounds, and their already substantial size is further accentuated by their luxuriously fluffy coats.

One Swedish cat owner has embarked on an Instagram journey to showcase her exceptionally sizable Maine Coon, aptly named Lotus.

This gentle giant, with its light orange fur, resembles a colossal bundle of cuddliness that’s simply impossible to resist.

It’s no surprise that Lotus boasts an impressive following of 350,000 adoring fans on the platform.

Yet, Lotus is not just a lounging couch potato. She’s attuned to her primal instincts and knows how to tap into her wild roots as well.

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