Moose spends 2 years with a tire stuck in his neck begging for help

People from Colorado Parks and Wildlife have already seen this unfortunate animal several years ago.

This moose had a tire around his neck that he wore for two years.

Now he is finally freed from that trouble.

According to wildlife officer Scott Murdoch, it was very difficult to get close to the animal.

Whenever police tried to catch him to help him, the moose would run away.

However, one day they managed to achieve their goal.

They caught the unfortunate moose and removed the tire from its neck.

According to Dawson Swanson, after a tip from a local man, they were able to find the moose. Dawson is also a wildlife officer.

Police managed to calm down the moose with a tranquilizer arrow. It wasn’t very easy to remove the tire, but these guys did it.

Although his antlers had to be cut off, the moose was doing very well. Now he was completely free, without a tire around his neck.

Unfortunately, cutting the antlers was the only way to help the moose.

However, this moose will soon grow new antlers.

The most important thing is that now the moose is healthy and free.

Scott said it was a miracle the deer wasn’t hurt at all. He wore a tire around his neck for two years, but in the end everything ended well.

Thanks to these big-hearted people, this moose now have a much better life.