Chevy, the smiling little dog that will brighten your day

This smiling dog became very famous in the world when he was 9 years old.

He gained his popularity solely because of his amazing smile.

The owner of this adorable dog, Tina Marcum Denlinger, told The Dodo that he still hasn’t had a bad day.

He enjoys everything and loves everything. Walking, eating, just about everything.

He sometimes has a hat on his head if he goes to the mountains, so that the sun would not bother him.

Chevy loves to ride in golf carts. While staying on them, he likes to observe the surroundings.

To prevent him from falling, they also put a belt on him.

A smile suits this dog very well, but sometimes he still frowns.

It doesn’t take Chevy owners much time to figure out if everything is okay with it.

If not, suffice it to mention food or a walk. Then a smile returns to his face.

Tina said that everyone considers this dog a puppy, because he is very playful.

When Chevy wants something, as its owners say, he just starts spinning in a circle.

This beautiful smile simply makes everyone happy.