Firefighter rescues cat during wildfire and now it won’t leave his side

We can often see good friendships between different animals and even different species. However, this is something completely different. A cat who befriended a firefighter who saved her life. Wonderfully.

Ryan Coleman is a engine captain in Fairview Valley. It’s actually a fire department located in California. Ryan posted a video on Facebook with a cat who does not want to be separated from him. With this video, many people were left tender.

About four years ago, in 2018 to be precise, Ryan saved the life of this cat when she found herself in the middle of a fire.

His post clearly shows that the cat does not want to be separated from him even while he is doing his job. So he continued to do his job, and the cat was on him.

He wrote that the unfortunate cat was thus only cooling off by staying on it during his walk.

In a cute video posted by Ryan, he talks to her and asks her where to go for a walk.

Both seem to be really happy during their hugs.

A lot of comments were left by people on this video, and a lot of them wrote to Ryan to bring the cat home. However, the fires were big, so he had to stay and finish a huge job.

Many people have expressed a desire to have this amazing cat. Some were just telling Ryan to keep her if no one asked about her. The reason is that, obviously, this cat loves him.

In addition to being a very good man, Ryan is also a big fan of both cats and other animals. He also publishes pictures with dogs and goat.