Woman discovers that “dahlia” flowers have become a hotel for frogs

In Snohomish, Washington, they consider spring to have arrived as soon as the snow is gone. Then you can clearly see the blossomed flowers.

Allison Lamb says she often hears frogs croaking in the spring. The frogs also spend a lot of time at her Snohomish lavender farm.

Allison Lamb

Allison often notices a frog near the house, but when she saw the frog resting in a dahlia, she was amazed.

Allison Lamb

She was very glad about that. Allison has about 200 dahlias on her property and was very happy to serve the frogs as a place to rest.

As she says, the more time passed, the more she saw them on her flowers.

Allison Lamb

Her children love looking for frogs around the property, it excites and amuses them.

These frogs are also very useful for the well-being of flowers.

Allison Lamb

In addition to frogs, there are also many bees and spiders, and often even garden snakes.

Later, praying mantises, salamanders and caterpillars appear.

Allison Lamb

Best of all, though, is seeing the frogs inside Allison’s flowers. As she says, it is wonderful to watch them sleep and she is very sorry at the end of the summer when they leave.


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At the end of summer, the frogs leave because it gets cold, but Allison believes they will return again in the spring.

Source: TheInfo