Dog finds baby dolphin stranded on the shore and saves his life

Leia is a hero who saved a small dolphin stranded on the shore.

As soon as this beautiful dog saw the helpless creature on the shore, it started barking.

In this way, she called herowner, who gave a new chance for life to the unfortunate dolphin.

Rich Wilcock was walking in Wales with his 2 year old dog. At some point Leia started barking and got his attention.

Rich followed his dog and saw a sad sight.

Rich told the Daily Post that he was photographing nature in those moments.

As he says, at first he thought it was a shark, but later realized it was actually a dolphin.

However, a marine official at the Seawatch Foundation, said it was probably a baby porpoise.

These are marine mammals that look similar to dolphins, but are actually related to belugas and narwhals.

The only important thing is that this wonderful rescue saved the unfortunate creature.

Rich and his dog stayed on that beach for a while to make sure this baby porpoise was safe.

Rich, as he says, rewarded Leia with treats for his incredible gesture.

It is obvious how intelligent this dog is.

See what the rescue looked like:

Source: Majestic Animals