Sweet rescue dog comes up with an adorable trick to attract viewers

Athena knows very well what she is doing.

An adorable stray dog ​​picked up its food bowl and looked at other people.

Then it is very difficult not to stop and give a little attention to that dog.

Recently, construction workers noticed a thirsty dog, which they immediately gave water to, and notified rescuers Be Intentional.

As the vet says, Athena lived in very bad conditions.

Christie Kasko, founder of Be Intentional, said the vet noticed that this dog had some form of mange.

That’s what Christie told The Dodo.

This unfortunate dog was abandoned when she was found.

In order to get love and attention, and some treats, this adorable dog raised his bowl whenever someone passed by.

Christie said that she gets a lot of attention that way, and she will eat a lot of treats.

After all, hardly anyone can stay cool at the sight of a dog holding a bowl and watching.

Be Intentional worked with the Sauver Des Chiens German Shepherd Rescue Team to find a new home for this dog.

Karen Blanchard of this rescue team tells The Dodo that Athena will soon have her new home.

When she is completely cured, she will start living with her new family.

She will finally have the life she deserves.