Horribly abused dog deserves every second of his healing bath

Rudy is a dog that definitely deserves this bath. He was neglected and dumped, after which he was found and accepted into a shelter in New York City.

His fur was destroyed, and his body was full of wounds.

This unfortunate dog could not even walk and had Cushings Disease.

Soon the shelter called the Northeast chapter of Special Needs Animal Rescue Rehabilitation (SNARR) to help them. Then director Courtney Bellew rescued the unfortunate dog.

Although it was common for this director to see injured animals, this was a very difficult case.

She was very sad to see Rudy in this state. As she told the Huffington Post, she didn’t even want to take a photo of Rudy’s leg because it was so bad.

It’s really amazing how this unfortunate dog survived, but he is very grateful to these people for that.

The medicated baths were very helpful for this little creature.

By the way, the people who adopted this unfortunate dog are veterinarians. That’s good because I can always give him the help he needs.

His life has now changed completely. He spends his days hanging out with his friends, which include children and various animals.

Courtney told HuffPost that Rudy is full of love. He is always appreciated that people love him.

Until the end of his life, Rudy received only love and attention.

As we later learn, Rudy unfortunately died because he had problems with a spinal disease.

However, Rudy spent the last months of his life very well. He enjoyed every moment.

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