Dog is broken after his adoption falls through, so he stares at a wall all day

March is an unfortunate pit bull who spent time on the streets until he was rescued. People from the shelter in Philadelphia believed that this dog would soon have a new warm and loving home. However, that was not the case.

Considering that this dog did not spend much time with other dogs, he was quite calm.

The worst thing is that the family that decided to take him in changed their mind in the end. The reason for this was that the dog was not playful enough.

When March found out, he was very sad. In the shelter, he sat down in a corner and just stared, he didn’t want to communicate with anyone.

Dawn Timmeney, a journalist, found out about this story and published everything on social networks. His pictures attracted a lot of attention, everyone was upset.

A savior soon offered to take March from this shelter to give him a new chance at life, at least temporarily.

March was successfully rescued, but many unfortunate dogs were euthanized because they failed to adapt or find a home.