This is the stunning vaquita, the rarest animal in the world, only 10 of them exist

The vaquita is a porpoise originally found in the Gulf of California.

This incredible animal can be about five feet long and weigh about 120 pounds.

The vaquita has been endangered for years.

In 1997, there were about 600 of these animals, and in 2017, only 30. Today, the situation is even worse, because it is believed that there are only ten of them left.

Vaquitas are truly amazing animals. It is not rare that they are called sea pandas because of their appearance.

These animals live in shallow and warm water. Unlike other types of porpoises, vaquitas tolerate warm water well.

Unfortunately, this species is almost extinct.

There are many reasons why this species is dying out. Andrea Crosta is not at all optimistic about the remaining vasquitas due to illegal fishing.

Andrea is from Earth League International, a wildlife trade watchdog group, and she recently learned that there are very few vasquitas left.

Some environmentalists believe that a few of these animals should be rescued and bred in captivity.

Vasquita CPR is an organization that deals with the protection of nature and they put all their efforts in 2017 to save these animals. Unfortunately, they did not succeed.

Andrea said that even if all the vasquitas get hurt, they will be persistent in bringing to justice all those responsible for it.

Source: Upworthy