Dog saves baby girl’s life after she stopped breathing in the middle of the night

Dogs are our best friends and they have convinced us of that many times.

Often dogs become heroes after rescuing their owners in some accidents.

Kelly Andrew of Boston, Massachusetts, has a dog called Henry. One night this Boston terrier kept coming into the nursery and waking her baby. The dog was quite restless.

Twitter/kelly andrew

Kelly couldn’t stand the dog’s behavior any longer, so she came over. She soon realized that her baby was not breathing at all.

The baby was immediately taken for treatment. It seems that this dog had only the best intentions, to save the life of a small baby.

Henry tried in every way to let the parents know that their baby was not well. At the same time he was trying to keep the baby awake. Really amazing.

Twitter/kelly andrew

After a while the baby became much better. It’s all thanks to the four-legged hero.

Twitter/kelly andrew

Great credit goes to Connecticut Children’s Hospital, who helped save the little baby.

When people heard about this story, they were amazed. A dog is truly man’s best friend.

We are happy that now everyone is happy and together again.

Source: The Animal Club