This “heartbroken” dog ran away from home everyday to visit his dead owner’s grave

Another confirmation that a dog is man’s best friend comes from Turkey.

One dog kept running away from the house, and no one knew where he was going. They soon found out that he was going to the grave of his deceased owner.

One day, Ismail Öztürk adopted a small puppy that had been abandoned. His new name was Zozo. The two became inseparable.

When Ismail passed away in 2014, his dog was inconsolable.

A few days later, the family realized that Zozo was often not at home. They didn’t know where the dog was going until one day.

Ismail’s son, Zafer, once came to visit the grave. Then he was surprised to see a dog on top of the grave.

Everything was clear to the family then. Zozo ran away from home to visit the owner’s grave.

Although he cannot speak, Zozo has shown with his actions how much Ismail meant to him and how much he misses him now. His love for his owner was obvious.

Source: Lolitopia