Dog that was lost in the middle of a frozen lake is saved just in time

Max accidentally ended up in the middle of the lake and it could have ended very badly.

However, luckily, there were people with a boat who saw him and decided to save him.

The crew of the ship Barbara Andrie spent the whole day at sea, and then on the way back they saw a helpless dog in the middle of the frozen lake.

It was clear to everyone that they had to save the dog, otherwise his life would soon end.

Wellington said his heart almost broke because at first he thought he had run over him. However, he realized that he hadn’t hurt him.

These people decided to save the dog no matter how hard it was.

The captain of the ship said that they were simply sure that they would save him.

Failure was out of the question in this rescue operation.

They were very careful and careful not to break the ice around the unfortunate dog, said Craig Benedetti.

At one point, the dog fell into the water, but immediately managed to get back up, after which they finally rescued him.

He was very cold and quite hungry.

Gratitude was visible on the face of this dog, he was constantly wagging his tail with happiness.

When the dog was fully recovered and fed, they were able to find its owner using the collar.

As they found out, the owner had been looking for it for 36 hours, but to no avail.

When the dog was finally returned to its home, its owners were very grateful to these big-hearted people.