Family surprises boy at school with his lost dog

For the holidays it is customary to receive and give a gift to someone, but the best gift one can receive is good company.

Carter Licata and Piper, his dog, prove it to us.

What kind of relationship Carter and his dog Piper are in is hard to explain. That connection is stronger than anything.

Carter’s mom, April, said that in their case, love was born as soon as they saw each other.

Bad things often happen to all of us, as was the case with the Licata family. The dog they loved so much disappeared one day.

They searched for him wherever they went, but to no avail.

The family kept mentioning Piper in their prayers, so that he could return home soon. However, the days passed, and they hoped less and less for his return.

They all got sick in some way and had no will for anything.

But soon a message arrives at Licata from the Genesee County Animal Shelter.

A dog that looked like Piper was found so they kept it in a shelter.

Then April and her husband went to dinner and at that moment they were very happy, they couldn’t believe it.

Carter was not in town at the time, so Licata prepared a big surprise for him.

She took Piper and went with him to visit Carter, who was at school at the time.

The moment Piper’s and Carter’s eyes met, Carter instantly began to cry.

Piper was very happy too, he was wagging his tail at high speed. When Carter came in, he couldn’t calm down, he was constantly kissing him and by his side.

Here you can watch these very emotional moments.

Everyone was overjoyed that Piper was with his family again at the best possible time, for Christmas.

There is too much love between Carter and Piper, fortunately they are together again.