Rescued tigers swim for the first time ever and love it

Here we can see a truly touching moment of two tigers swimming for the first time.

The cage in which the two unfortunate tigers were housed had to cease to be home to these animals due to inhumane conditions.

He was in New York, specifically in Buffalo. The rescued tigers are named Lily and Carli.

Their age at the time they were moved from that cage to the shelter was 12 years. The Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary has become their new place to live. It is located in Nevada.

Kelly Donithan once went to the new home of the tigers and watched them swim. By the way, she is from the International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW).

Here you can watch a video of their first swim:

Kelly said that although people mostly think cats don’t like water, it’s still incorrect. These tigers not only enjoy playing, they also love swimming.

Lily reached the water at the first opportunity and started swimming, as if she had always done so.

Given the fact that tigers love swimming in the water, it’s really nice to see them do it for the first time.

Many thanks to everyone from The International Fund for Animal Welfare.