Homeless dog went viral after people shared a picture of it sleeping with a stuffed animal

At SmallJoys, good deeds are always seen and everyone thanks them a lot. It doesn’t matter if it’s about saving an animal, a human or some other good deed.

This non-profit group from Texas works on the Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project. They want to help stray dogs with all their hearts.

This is a big problem in Houston, and these volunteers saved over 860 dogs in this 5th ward alone.

It is not known why so many strays are there, but these people do their best to ensure that everyone has good living conditions.

People from this group try to help stray dogs in every possible way.

Besides rescuing them from that unhappy life in which they roam the streets, these people also make sure that they arrive happily in their new homes.

One volunteer rescued a homeless dog, and then captured an incredible photo.

The photo spread across the Internet at high speed, and everyone who saw it was, to put it mildly, heartbroken.

It is a photo of a dog sleeping with a dirty teddy bear. It probably means the whole world to him and means a lot to him.

For these volunteers, this is not the first time they have seen such a sad sight. However, for other people who don’t see it every day, this is more than shocking.

When the volunteers met this dog, they could not immediately take him to a better place. Unfortunately, when they returned to get him, he was no longer there.

Instead, they met Calvin, an 89-year-old dog owner. As he says, the dog ran away and decided to be on the street again.

Unfortunately, this is one of those stories that doesn’t have a happy ending. The dog still hasn’t been found, but volunteers are doing everything they can to find him and help him live his dream life.

Calvin also helps other stray dogs.

We hope that these volunteers will soon find this unfortunate dog and give him the life of his dreams. Of course, we want the same for all other stray dogs.