Happiest puppy can’t stop wagging tail as she leaves shelter

Although there are always many of these adorable creatures in shelters, usually one of them stands out.

Matilda was a sweet little dog who was at the Douglas County Animal Shelter.

The employees of this shelter noticed that Matilda has an amazing personality and is always happy.

It was truly a miracle because Matilda’s beginning of life was not at all easy.

She was only two months old when she wandered the streets of Georgia before the shelter found her. Her health was not completely good at that time.

Regardless of everything, she was constantly wagging her tail because she was happy.

As Santina Sanders, who works as a volunteer, tells The Dodo, Matilda gave the sweetest kisses ever.

In addition to Santina, Pibbles & More Animal Rescue also noticed the amazing personality of this special dog.

Teresa Bowles-Chiofalo was very attached to Matilda, so she decided to rescue her from the shelter and place her in a family home. By the way, Teresa is one of the coordinators of the group.

When the adopter came, Matilda was so happy that she never stopped wagging her tail until they got home.

The only thing Matilda doesn’t like is the necklace. As soon as the adopter put the collar on her, her tail calmed down.

However, Matilda adores her new home and everything in it.