Poor dog was seen discarded in parking lot with her nine two-week-old puppies

Those of us who love animals will never understand how someone could be so cruel.

Regardless of why someone threw their pet away, there is always a better option.

Unfortunately, this also happened in Abilene, Texas. Even worse is that this dog was not alone, but also had 9 newborn puppies with him.

This unfortunate mom had neither food nor water, and she found herself in the parking lot without anyone’s help.

As soon as the photo of this unfortunate dog was published on social networks, people started asking about adoption.

Paw Angel Animal Rescue realized what was happening and decided to respond and help this mother and her puppies.

Misty Boerger said that as soon as she saw this sad scene, she immediately called Angel and they went to help the dogs.

When they reached them, they placed them in the back seats of the car.

It is hard to imagine what those unfortunate dogs went through.

They were immediately taken to the vet. The mother had a lot of wounds on her, and one of the puppies had a tumor and unfortunately had to be put to sleep.

Misty knew that these beautiful creatures needed round-the-clock care, so she decided to keep them for a few weeks, before they ended up in foster homes.

Now, after all the bad times, these dogs are living a very nice life.

Wonderful people who saved them are responsible for everything.