This little pig “lost” her family but this loving dog decided to adopt her as one of her own

It is clear that she accepted her as her own child.

Katjinga is a dog who adopted a little pig named Paulinchen who was left without a mother. We can often learn a lot from animals.

Simply at the first meeting, this dog fell in love with little Paulinchen.

For them, there are no differences.

Katjinga even nursed a pig, which is really amazing.

Roland Adam and his wife Edit are the adopters of this beautiful dog.

One night, Roland noticed this little pig fighting for its life, after being abandoned by its parents.

As Roland said, this dog devoted herself to the little pig as if she were her own child. She is truly a wonderful mother.

Everyone knows how much dogs can love, even completely different types of animals.

We are very glad that now this little pig is growing up with someone who loves and wants it.

These beautiful creatures are often more noble than us. We have a lot to learn from them.

Source: Lexnau