Large herd of 30 giraffes stroll across the road, leaving tourists stunned

This seems to be the transition for giraffes, for no one else.

This scene stunned tourists who during their safari tour encountered an “obstacle” of 30 giraffes walking their way.

Their journey was to Maasai Mar, Kenya.

Sonali Dudhane, one of the tourists got out of the vehicle they were traveling in to capture this unusual moment.

Sonali said they stopped the moment they saw these amazing animals. She is by the way from Lucknow, India.

All the tourists had great awe for these creatures when they emerged from the bushes and walked down the road.

While the animals were still in the bushes, tourists watched them for about 20 minutes, Sonali said.

Soon the tourists were invited to their car by their driver because he knew this amazing group would go across the road.

They are happy to have recorded these beautiful moments on camera. Some of them counted giraffes, and some just admired them.

Although it took them a long time to go from one side of the road to the other, they can still develop a speed of up to 37 mph.

The patterns on these beautiful animals are different. It’s like fingerprints in humans. They are all different.