Lonely dog sits at a shelter for 2,531 days waiting for one human to love her

People passed by, but no one wanted to give this dog a new life, until one moment.

Although shelters always try to find a forever home for abandoned dogs, sometimes it’s really hard work.

Dahlia is a dog that nobody wanted to adopt. She spent her life at the Humane Society, Santa Barbara.

When she was 6 months old, she came to the shelter. Now she is 7 years old and the volunteers are trying in every way to find her a forever home.

As one of the volunteers says, she is a really wonderful dog full of love and loyalty. She needs a warm home.

After the shelter announced that they wanted to find a home for this dog, it happened.

A man saw the news and decided to give this dog a new life.

The Humane Society is overjoyed to have found Dahlia a forever home.

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