The kind butcher every day leaves leftovers outside the store for stray dogs

A video was shared on TikTok that touched the hearts of many people around the world. The video shows dogs living on the street and sharing food with each other.

Some people don’t have as big a heart as these dogs.

A man who works in a butcher shop in Turkey leaves food scraps in front of the shop every day to feed stray dogs.

It is interesting that each of the dogs came slowly, took a piece of food and left. In this way, everyone was fed and no one remained hungry.

It’s amazing to see how much empathy and love stray dogs have for others. No matter how hungry they are, when they come across food they are determined to always share it.

The hard life on the street taught them many beautiful qualities that even people have forgotten.

A video from a butcher’s shop where a cat comes to ask the worker for some food, which of course she got, shows how devoted people in Turkey really are to animals.

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