Man buys turtle from local food market and releases them back to sea

Everyone deserves to live, no matter what species it is.

It is truly priceless to see that someone has given an animal a second chance at life.

Many animals are in need of rescue as they struggle to survive.

It’s not that hard to be kind. Arron Culling proved it. He is from Greymouth, New Zealand.

Together with his colleague, he saved the lives of two sea turtles in Papua New Guinea.

If Arron and his colleague hadn’t shown up, these turtles would probably have ended their lives a long time ago.

Many people around the world are engaged in fishing for water turtles.

Arron and his colleague bought two and released them into the sea.

Arron shared his rescue on social media, which received many positive reactions.

Most sea turtle species in the world are classified as endangered or vulnerable.