Man saves dog hanging near highway overpass by electrical cord

A man with a big heart came along at the right moment and saved a dog that was hanging on an electric cable next to the highway.

David Fredman, the man who rescued the unfortunate dog, told Fox4 KC that he saw the dog-like animal hanging and barely touching the ground.

The dog tried to break away, but failed.

David called for help, and then freed the dog with the help of a knife.

The unfortunate dog could barely walk and breathe, so he was immediately placed in the KC Pet Project.

The dog was 16 years old, his name was Max and he was microchipped. His owner, Dee Vaughn, reported him missing two hours before he was found.

It is not known if someone tried to harm Max or if he wandered to this place on his own.

Dee is suspicious because the dog was tied with an electric cable. He called the police, after which they told him to call animal control.

Maybe the owner will be able to find out exactly what happened to his dog with the help of cameras.

Regardless of everything, the only important thing is that everything ended well. The dog is now back with his family where he gets lots of love and care.

Dee personally thanked David for saving his dog.