Meet Max, a 40lb spoiled Canadian lynx

All wild cats are considered quite dangerous, although this is not always the case. A lot of them are actually very gentle and affectionate, and it’s hard to say no to cuddling. A cat is a cat.

Max is a Canadian lynx, although the wild cat behaves really friendly. Although an educational animal ambassador, this big cat is always for a little cuddling. This wonderful creature was born in 2011 at the zoo. That is the reason why he is so close to people. His caregivers say he is domesticated, but not to the end, he is also partially wild. Due to his domestication, he would find it difficult to cope in the wild, but he is very spoiled.

Max’s caregiver said he often gets questions about whether Max can continue to live in the wild, but that’s unfortunately not possible because he was born indoors and has a good relationship with people.

Of course there are differences between Max and domestic cats that people keep as pets, but there are similarities. His people are carried about getting him everything he needs to live a good life. Max became famous on social media for his interesting videos. It was all filmed with the aim of teaching people something about the conservation of this beautiful endangered species and the wild world in general.

Max’s human mom announced that Max is actually an animal ambassador, not as a domestic cat. He educates people from the 8th week of life. He also stresses that we all need to think a little and try to protect the oceans and the whole country.

Wildlife Education by Bernie / WildlifeBernie