Meet Nigel, the coendou, the cutest animal you’ve never seen

It may be hard for you to understand that a spiny porcupine can be cute, but see for yourself.

It is clear why the photos of this adorable creature have attracted so much attention on the Internet.

Suddenly, a large number of people fell in love with this creature.

Although he is prickly, many people had the desire to stroke his adorable moving nose.

Indeed his nose looks quite soft.

This creature has the ability to grasp objects with its tail, so it is not uncommon to be called as prehensile-tailed porcupines.

People’s comments on this creature are truly mesmerizing.

This little creature stole everyone’s heart.

A lot of people thought this was a baby, but then the owner replied that Nigel was 10 years old.

This adorable creature is truly full of surprises.