Thirsty jerboa approaches man in desert desperately in need of water

People may not have the closest relations with rodents, but one man helped a thirsty jerboa a lot.

In the steamy desert of the Middle East, a TikTok user encountered a jerboa.

It is about a small hopping rodent that was very thirsty.

Then this TikTok user gave him water and thus helped him.

Unimaginable temperatures are reached in deserts, but these animals have accepted it.

It’s possible that this tiny jerboa has never tasted water before, as they hydrate by ingesting food.

According to Jay Sharp of DesertUSA, the jerboa eats insects, plants or seeds to make up for the lack of water.

Since they get moisture from food, they may never take a sip of water.

However, it is certain that they would not refuse a cup of water if they had the opportunity to drink it, like this jerboa.

Some people really have a big heart, we were once again convinced of that.