Pride of majestic lions casually parade on a road in South Africa

Being close to these amazing creatures is not at all relaxed. Love for animals is one thing, but this is something completely different. Imagine a group of lions heading towards your car. This was experienced by a guy who then found himself in Kruger, a park in South Africa.

As scary as it looked, this guy didn’t leave right away but started filming. This created an amazing shot of these lions walking leisurely.


The footage is quite short, but clearly shows the proud lions who have their own attitude and guard their territory.


People were mostly thrilled when watching these amazing scenes. Although these lions look a little scary, people admired them. Still, most wondered what all these lions were doing together.


It seems that these are all male lions, but it is really amazing to see them in such numbers together. They are truly unique and proud.

Here you can watch their proud walk.