Two former circus elephants reunite after more than 20 years apart

These two elephants afforded us very emotional scenes with their reunion. We can see in this situation how sensitive animals actually are, just like humans.

Shirley and Jenny had been separated for 22 years, but that wasn’t enough time to forget about each other. When they met again, everything was clear, love remained. Now they are enjoying each other again.

These beautiful creatures had a difficult past, they had to act in a circus. It finally ended thanks to some wonderful people.

When they were rescued from the circus, these two elephants ended up at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Their feelings worked immediately. The friendship never disappeared between them. Everyone was surprised by their reaction when they met again.

The Executive Director of the Sanctuary, Carol Buckley, said the two elephants immediately started advertising after a little touching. It was a truly indescribable moment. Emotions erupted in all directions.

Enjoy the emotional moments.