Rare cat found living on the tallest mountain in the world

In a groundbreaking exploration, a team of scientists on an expedition stumbled upon an extraordinary and utterly endearing find, elusive Pallas’s cats have been identified dwelling on the majestic Mount Everest.

Shutterstock/Elliotte Rusty Harold

The existence of these feline creatures, also known as manuls, managed to elude detection until 2019, when the field team made the captivating revelation that at least two of these rare cats inhabit the Southern Flank of Mount Everest. This discovery holds immense significance for researchers and conservationists worldwide, not to mention the sheer delight it brings to all who revel in the cuteness of these elusive felines.

Shutterstock/Radovan Zierik

Pallas’s cats share a size similarity with typical domestic cats, yet they exhibit charming distinctions. With notably short legs and thick, fluffy fur, they resemble adorable, plump stuffed animals. Despite appearances, they are smaller and lighter than they appear, as their bulk is primarily due to their insulating fur, which protects them from the harsh cold.

Shutterstock/Kuzmina Maria

Their adeptness at navigating rocky crevices and cliff faces makes Mount Everest an ideal habitat. While these wild creatures are inherently aggressive and unsuitable as pets, the mere sight of their images is enough to evoke widespread joy.


Their distinctive wide faces and large ears lend them a cartoonish appearance as they traverse Mount Everest, going about their business, seemingly carefree.

Dr. Tracie Seimon, part of the Wildlife Conservation Society‚Äôs Zoological Health Program, expressed her enthusiasm, stating: “It is truly phenomenal to uncover evidence of this rare and remarkable species at the pinnacle of the world”.

Ongoing research aims to ascertain the precise population of Pallas’s cats on Mount Everest, with a focus on implementing measures to safeguard their well-being, ensuring they can continue to thrive in their unique environment.