Senior dog found nearly frozen to death in ditch rescued and reunited with his owner

The Sagadahook County Sheriff’s Office received an urgent call regarding a 14-year-old dog in dire straits, having nearly frozen after being trapped in a hole in Arocic. Deputy Mark Anderson swiftly responded to the call and made his way to the scene to rescue the distressed dog.

Upon arrival, it was evident that the dog had made a valiant attempt to climb out of the hole, as claw marks could be seen. Unfortunately, the freezing temperatures had taken a toll, and the dog was unable to extricate herself. Without wasting any time, Anderson secured the dog and took her to safety, wrapping her in warm blankets to help raise her body temperature.

Once the dog was comfortable and warmed up, she received much-needed food and water to aid in her recovery. Anderson then embarked on a mission, knocking on neighborhood doors, hoping to locate the dog’s owner. Fortunately, his efforts paid off, and he was able to reunite the dog with her owner.

The owner, an elderly woman, shared the heart-wrenching tale of her dog venturing out the previous night and failing to return, leaving her in a state of distress, sleepless and anxiously awaiting her companion’s safe return. Finally, the dog and her owner were joyously reunited, bringing a heartwarming conclusion to a potentially tragic ordeal.

This heartening story is a reminder of the power of community and the dedication of law enforcement officers in ensuring the well-being of all, including our beloved four-legged friends. Share this tale of hope and reunion with your loved ones and friends.