Service dog throws himself in front of school bus to protect his blind owner

Dogs are man’s loyal friends, and this one proved how far they are willing to go for their man.

Audrey Stone and her dog Figo were crossing the street when a bus hit them. Figo immediately threw himself on the bus to protect his owner.

As USA Today states, Brewster John Del Gardo, the Chief of Police, had great respect for Figo, the

As he says, the dog suffered great pain, but did not want to leave its owner.

The ambulance soon arrived to help Audrey who had elbow, ankle and rib injuries.

Figo was by her side the whole time.

Figo had an injury to his right leg, and they treated him very carefully.

Although he endured great pain, the dog remained very calm and bore it very bravely.

Since Figo couldn’t be with Audrey while she was in the ambulance, he was then taken to the vet in a Bewster Fire Department truck.

This duo underwent operations and recovered very well.

A truly amazing and loyal dog who proved his love for his owner by his actions.

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