Stray cat shows up to comfort exhausted nurse on his break

Flaty is doing an internship in Egypt to become a nurse soon.

Although his job is not at all easy, he goes through it with great dedication.

He doesn’t really take vacations often, but one of his vacations was special.

While Flaty was resting with his friend and colleague, a stray cat came into his lap.

She had so much trust in him that she fell asleep after a few minutes.

Considering that stray animals are often mistreated in Egypt, this is truly a miracle.

This short meeting was also good for Flaty because he felt very good after that.

The cat must have sensed where it can get some attention and love.

And when she napped for about 20 minutes, she decided to get up and leave.

Flaty told The Dodo that after all the hard shifts, meeting this cat helped him a lot.

He is very happy that this meeting happened and it was definitely one of the best moments of the year for him.

Source: Just something