Sweet moment bear cubs hold hands as their mom goes hunting for dinner

Some people are not even aware of how careful and gentle wild animals can be. These two little bears are proof of that. The sight of them holding hands is really too sweet. Photographer Lewis Kemper managed to capture these wonderful moments.

A 62-year-old California photographer was at Lake Clark National Park at the right time. While the mother was looking for food from these two bears, the two of them held hands. The photographer was touring Lake Clark, Alaska at the time, and spotted this truly beautiful scene. He said the bears in the area are on good terms with people so they are not afraid of them.

Since the bears are very bad at hunting, their mother returned without dinner. Nonetheless, they hoped for her success in the hunt by holding hands.

Lewis said bears feed mainly on plants and grass even though they love fish very much.

The duo has pampered many people online, although this is not the first time the two animals have held hands. Once people spotted penguins clinging to their fins. Truly amazing. Enjoy the view of this adorable duo.