The dog with a curved, warped face always longs for a loving home

Woody is a dog who just wanted to be loved in a family home.

According to SNARR Animal Rescue, Woody was bitten by another dog when he was only five weeks old.

His owner then abandoned him, so Woody somehow survived for more than a month. After that, fortunately, SNARR found out about him and saved him.

Although the dog’s face is distorted, its health is really good. As SNARR say, they don’t mind his appearance at all, that’s why they love him even more.

They soon realized that this dog has a very big heart. When his adoptive mother was in a slightly worse state of health, the dog recognized it and was always by her side.

Woody is now 8 months old and really enjoying life.

We are very happy to announce that Woody has found his forever home after several months of searching.

According to SNAAR, Woody has found a loving home.

Thanks to his new family and the wonderful people who rescued him, Woody now has the life he deserves.

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