Two frightened pit bulls who huddled each other at shelter on their way to brighter future

These dogs were very scared about their future. They always stuck together, but their lives are getting better.

It is not known why the owner left these dogs at the shelter, but the two kept together the whole time.

Bridget and Louie are the new names of these dogs who are housed at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter, Conroe, Texas. They probably couldn’t even think that soon their lives would change.

Both dogs were neglected and sick. Still, it’s obvious how much they mean to each other, and that’s why they kept them together.

Louie had a necklace around his neck that caused his injuries. It is a small black dog.

Bridget had teeth that caused her many problems. Regardless of how her teeth got to this state, it’s really sad.

It is to Texas Animal Society’s credit that these dogs left the shelter and soon went to their adopters.

This duo was very happy when they arrived at their new home.

They love to sunbathe on the porch.

They had a very good relationship with their foster brothers.

Bridget is constantly wagging her tail because she is happy.

She also likes to be cuddled.

Better days are definitely ahead for Bridget and Louie. When they fully recovered, they were adopted with the help of the Texas Animal Society.

Bridget recovered and went to Canine Good Citizen training. Louie has found many friends to enjoy at doggie daycare.

No matter what happens, the two stay by each other’s side.

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