They didn’t even feel secure when holding him since he appeared to snap at the least pressure

The unfortunate Dylan was lying by the side of the road when people found him.

His body was very weak. Fortunately, good people decided to help him and save his life.

The photos are quite sensitive, so be careful.

The people who rescued this unfortunate animal were afraid to hold it in their hands. The dog looked as if it would break at any touch.

As rescuers say, this is the first time they have found an animal in such a bad condition.

The photos of this dog are truly heartbreaking.

Butt Bryan is the man who saved this dog from an unhappy life. He decided to place him in Croft, a rescue center.

Dylan had a very difficult recovery.

It’s very sad that someone abandoned this dog and let him starve, says Rachel Hayball, who works at Croft.

Dylan will probably remember the severe abuse forever. However, his physical recovery is slowly progressing.

It’s hard to even imagine what this unfortunate dog went through. He is such a wonderful creature and he didn’t deserve all of this. Now he will finally have a happy life.

Jamie Birch, a teacher, adopted Dylan as soon as his health improved.

It really is a miracle that Dylan is alive and well after all that. His courage and big heart helped him a lot on the road to recovery.

Now he has a new home and is getting lots of love and care.

Dogs are called man’s best friends for a reason, and that’s why we need to take care of them. They devote their whole lives to us.