Two beluga whales set free after nearly a decade in captivitiy

SEA LIFE Trust are happy to report that these two beluga whales are now in safe hands. They are located in a marine reserve at Klettsvik Bay in Iceland.

After 9 years, Little Gray and Little White are now finally enjoying their life.

In 2011, they were noticed on the coast, and for years they lived in an aquarium where they had to train for performances.

This duo traveled 6,000 miles, flying about 30 hours to reach the refuge.

They were only one step away from being released into their real home, says Andy Bool, head of the SEA LIFE Trust.

By the way, this is a British organization that tries to protect the world’s oceans.


A large donation from Merlin Entertainment and a partnership with Whale and Dolphin Conservation greatly helped build this sanctuary.

Source: Sunny Skyz