Unloved puppy gives up, then flies begin to eat him, but doctor realizes his heart is beating

It is always difficult to see an abandoned and unfortunate dog fighting for its life.

Unfortunately, there have always been and still are bad owners.

This unfortunate dog wandered for days looking for water and food. Soon he fell ill and settled under a car, where all he had to do was give up and leave this world.

Even though people kept passing by, they just ignored him. However, someone showed that he was a good man and called the rescue team.

When the rescuers arrived, they realized that the dog was very ill. Even the flies gathered and started feasting on his body.

However, at one point they noticed that the dog was still alive. His heart was beating regardless of the dire condition he was in.

A lot of work and effort of good people was necessary for the dog to recover.

His new name was Oliver, and his transformation is truly amazing.

Although he is still very thin, his health is improving. When he is fully recovered, he will be able to go to a new home full of love and care.

We must warn you that the video will be disturbing for some people, but Oliver is now a very happy dog.

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